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We Connect You With The Best Software Providers

We connect customers with the latest innovative software providers who care about their customers’ goals and want to serve them better.

With Exceeders you have thousands of professionals as an extension to your team. You’ll be able to drive your digital transformation utilizing the latest innovations. Exceeders is the place where everyone works together to achieve the same goal.

As a customer, join us today and start working together with innovators and entrepreneurs who can help you in your digital transformation journey and save you significant costs .

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Market Realities

Every organization is looking to utilize technology to improve their work environment and increase productivity.

Technology is becoming the backbone for every job we do. After all, digital transformation is something we hear about practically every day.

Governments and private companies are in a silent race to determine who can digitize the fastest on a larger scale.

However, it's becoming more difficult to find the right technology partner.

Why? International vendor solutions are complex, expensive, and need an army of technical resources behind them.

Most startups' innovative applications aren’t built for the corporate environment and they are out of reach.


The Exceeders Experience

We connect customers with the most innovative IT providers and we guarantee that their services bring results.

Exceeders provides the right partner ecosystem that will help customers work with remote international software and service providers.

Our partner ecosystem:

  • Software providers that develop innovative software
  • Service providers that work to deploy software at customer sites
  • Channel partners that help customers contract with IT providers
  • Exceeders systems and teams that can facilitate and ensure quality

At Exceeders, we don’t only connect you with IT partners across the globe. We also provide you with a complete solution that’s more effective in many ways.

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One Of the Biggest Benefits Of Working With Us?

We offer innovative software in matters of days. That’s completely opposite of international vendors who are stuck with their legacy system.

Our providers invest all their efforts and money in developing and improving their services and software. International vendors, again, mainly focus on sales and marketing.

Working with our IT providers increases your ROI much more than what you can get from these vendors who are selling you solutions that you might not need.

The Best Part?

Exceeders is a results-based company- not project-based. We define our scope based on your goals and not our technology deployment.

We work with you to achieve the desired end result, and we only charge after these results ARE achieved.

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How Does It Work?

  • Visit the store
  • Select the solution
  • Connect directly with IT specialists
  • Agree with them on the scope and fees
  • Select a local channel partner to facilitate your purchase
  • Channel partner will provide the project manager
  • IT provide will place the technical resources

When Will I Get Charged?

We don't charge for any efforts that don't have a tangible value for you.

We won't request payment until you approve our deliverables, and we don't ask for any justification if you need to disengage.

We are confident that we will contribute to the success of your business. That's why we’re one of the first providers to charge based on client results and not project deployment.

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The Transformation

You don't want to stay under the mercy of the international vendors with no option other than paying them millions without a clear ROI.

You wouldn’t accept other companies to transform faster than you with less investment, but with guaranteed results.

Join Exceeders where partners, customers, channel partners, service providers, and software providers work together as one team


Exceeders Collaboration Agreement

Get Access to hundreds of IT Providers under one agreement

For Organizations that would like to digitally transform, we provide access to software and services from the most innovative companies across the world utilizing digital technology as a backbone.

Unlike traditional engagement operations where you waste hours in communication and logistical processes, our application enables businesses to engage with their IT Providers with a click.

Enroll Today to build the digital future of your company.

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Directly connect with service providers
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Contract based on results at the right price
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Utilize systems to simplify and standardize the relationship.
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Provide a technology adoption solution to ensure user adoption and ROI
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Offer international 24/7 support and consultation