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ID: GZD 1889-08-27

Who Can We Help?

(Who do we serve):

Whether Oil - Gas, Banks, Telecom, or Governments turn to digitization bit by bit.. we do come to deliver great expertise in Open Source related technologies focused on Cloud - DevSecOps practices and tooling either for consulting or training.

Our main offering

COS as an IT Solutions Provider is bringing to customers a team-based delivery approach, with the right skill-sets and laying a solve challenges attitude accompanied by integrity. For more than 20 years COS stuff is delivering to companies secure by design IT solutions with no compromise in between, handing in results that are real and decreased time to revenue, decreased costs, improved productivity.




Software deployment automation workflows

Cloud enablement, Microservices, and migration strategies

Vendor Lock-in free strategies

Compliance & Auditing

Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud

Why we’re different (X-Factor)

The way COS bringing deliverables, is ensuring strong relationships between clients strategy, processes and systems. Customers after commissioning taking place enjoy:

Tested Solutions

Effectively Managed


Integrated added value on day one


Meet our team

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Hicham Barnoussi

Hicham Barnoussi

Managing partner


Romany Gammal

Technical Manager