BluGrass Technologies

We can improve your organization’s efficiency by handling your IT management so you can focus on growing your business.

ID: GZD 1889-08-27

Who can we help?

(Who do we serve):

We work with a range of clients including governments, banks, enterprises, and other small and medium-sized businesses across the G.C.C.

Our main offering

We offer managed IT infrastructure services including full infrastructure assessments, solution design, architecture, implementation, data center monitoring and 24/7 onsite/remote support services. With our Exceeder partners, we provide team training and services to increase the adoption of the new systems. 




Infrastructure & Cloud Managed Services

Datacenter Preparation

Enterprise Onsite & Remote Support

Why we’re different

Support and monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year

Member of the Exceeders Network

Access to over 200 IT professionals

Constant research into new and changing regulations

Close partnerships with our clients and ongoing support

Meet our team

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Jonh Moreno

CEO & Co-Founder


Jonh Moreno

Lead Designer


Jonh Moreno

VP of Product