Technology Adoption Programs Guarantee Organizations’ Transformation Success

Mar 17, 2019 3:19:38 PM

Innovation is defined as solving a problem that many people face in a new way. 

In the past, the challenge was creating good software, and the companies creating this new software were often known as ‘innovators’. Today, creating new software has become relatively easy as the components are stable and there are hundreds of new tools out there to simplify the process.

The challenge today is how to make users adopt the new software successfully.


There are more than 20,000 new applications that are launched daily. Only 1% are adopted by users. The adoption does not just revolve around good development- it is based on proper software launching to target the users. This includes:    


● Creating awareness about what job this software is doing 

● What positive transformation the software is offering to the users

● How can the users learn more about the software 


Improper launching of technology is the reason behind 99% of the new products failure, so if an organization would like to digitally transform, they should signup for technology adoption programs. Companies must officially invest in programs that provide the below: 


1. Awareness: At this stage the program should help the end users uncover/discover the problem and let them know that there is a solution to their problem.  

2. Consideration: At this stage the program should let the end users know that if the   problem is not solved in one way or another, it will result in complications in the future. Alternately, or simultaneously, end users should know about the gains of resolving it.  

3. Preference: This is the stage where the end users get convinced that the software can solve their problem better than any other tools and they should consider using the software to change their lives. The most important output of this stage is that the end users start searching on how to know more about the software so they use it. 

4. Coaching: This is the stage where the end users start attending training session to   know how to use the software. The training should go beyond the traditional classroom training as no one still have the time to attend these long hours. End users should have the option to select the training methods that suit their understanding and timings.  


What is Ta7awul?  

Ta7awul is a team of marketers, trainers, and UX specialists who are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to launch products successfully. The Ta7awul team will increase application adoption by users., so customers have their ROI.


Do you need the service?

Any customer that has implemented software or will launch new software will definitely need the service. Otherwise their success probability will be very low.    


Why Ta7awul?

It is a complete solution and is a subscription based service where the customer can benefit from using products like iDenedi & Technadopt without any additional charges.


What should I do next?

Just sign up to our service and a team of specialist will connect with you to assess your current state and provide recommended solution


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