How to Find the Right Software and Save More With Digital Transformation

Jan 29, 2019 9:44:00 AM

But to get there, you need to find the right software. Here below, I show you how to do just that so your company can be more effective.

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How to Find the Right Software and Save More With Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not about spending money. Instead, it is about saving money.

But to get there, you need to find the right software. Here below, I show you how to do just that so your company can be more effective.

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Why use software in your business?

Think of software as something you buy as an expense?

Not so fast. In fact, software is something you hire to do a specific job.

Let me explain.

If we look at hiring in organizations today, most companies still jump into writing job descriptions and ask the talent acquisition team to find the ‘right candidate’ for a job.

But for companies that want to save money and, in the long run, survive, that is no longer feasible.


That’s because so many jobs today can be done efficiently by software. Other jobs require engaging with external parties or direct hire.

Smart companies need to explore all four options and select the best one on a case by case basis.

Unfortunately, the majority of organizations have a team or individual who is dedicated to recruiting people.

Why is this a problem?

This results in hiring employees to do a job that can be done through other means. It often costs ten times as much to direct hire versus engaging the right software. Sadly, it is often less efficient.

But wait… Isn’t software and what we call digital transformation all about implementing expensive systems?

Let’s find out.


Why digital transformation isn’t all about expensive systems and zero results

A part of digital transformation revolves around hiring software to do jobs more efficiently and at a lower cost. With this approach in mind, organizations will get more done, at a lower price. So what you’re doing is hiring ‘digital employees’ (that is, software) to do a specific job well, at a fraction of the price.

This makes finding the right software a win-win deal.


Sadly, so many organizations fall into the trap of engaging with IT software providers that have one primary objective: sell their software regardless of how efficiently this software does the job. Government entities and corporations alike are spending significant amounts of money to buy licensing for software that has no definitive ‘job’.

This is all done under the umbrella of ‘digital transformation’ so often, that it has resulted in the myth that digital transformation should be expensive and should drain organizations of their budgets, instead of saving them money.

But this is not the case. And that’s what we’ll look at next.


How to find the right software and make your processes more cost-effective.

Transformation is not about buying expensive software, regardless of what it does. Software is never expensive when you are buying it for the right reason, and putting it to good use.

Now, every challenge presents an opportunity. StemeXe has recognized the opportunity in this instance and we’ve created web and mobile applications that can do jobs that many employees once struggled to do.

We at StemeXe will work with you to identify job requirements, identify the best options, and hire the best software. With three core teams dedicated to engaging the correct software, operating it, and working with your team to ensure its adoption, digital transformation is painless and cost effective.

What does it look like in practice? Here’s what you need to know.


How we at StemeXe can help you achieve your goals (and guarantee results)

At StemeXe, we care about our customers. We need them to excel at what they do, with the right people and tools to make sure they remain profitable.

Our offer is unique - we ensure that our applications are doing the right job, at a fraction of the cost.

And here’s how it works:

Customers can measure our applications’ performance, much the same way they would for an employee. We set KPIs and measure them on a monthly basis- we only get paid if we can perform.

Yes, that’s right. You can only win with software.


Let’s find the right software for you today

Everyone talks about ‘transformation’, but if you examine it, you will find that we are still doing the same jobs, just in different ways. We are transforming simply because we are no longer doing things the way we did them before.

StemeXe can help you change that by helping you find the best software and digitally transform your company in a cost-effective, results-oriented way.

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