The world is moving towards the sharing economy. Uber is the biggest transportation company in the world and they don't own a single car, Airbnb is the largest company in travel accommodation yet they don't own a single piece of property. Companies either need to transform to align with this change or they be rendered useless by their competitors who will.

As a company owner you have specific assets be it a product, service or customer relations yet you spend the majority of your time, money and effort building up various functions that aren’t related to your core business. You end up becoming a Jack of all trades, but a master of none. You either need to transform and align with the change or you will rendered useless by your competitors who will.

We know this first hand as we tried to do the same before, but though there surely should be a better way. That’s why we created Exceeders.

Exceeders is the first true partner to partner ecosystem that empowers companies to collaborate and leverage each other’s strength to create significant and sustainable value for all nodes in the platform and ensure a win-win scenario for them at all times.

Our goal with all of Exceeders’ partners is bringing back joy and excellence into the corporate world.

Exceeders is comprised of 5 main nodes:

  • Channel partners: Companies who have strategic relationships with customers
  • Service providers: Companies who are the best in delivering a specific service
  • Vendors : Companies who are creating innovative products
  • Resource centers: Companies who can provide high end skilled resources
  • Orchestration Center: Companies who ensure all the nodes are working perfectly with each other.